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Cloud Native Efficiency

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If it's not Cloud-Native it's not Next Generation. Built with a modular design, Mercuricall Connect drives efficiency into the equation. Customers are more efficient getting to the resource they need, agents are more efficient responding to highest priorities, and the workforce is more efficient in gauging interaction, coaching agents, and optimising schedules.

Built by the founders of CCaaS – you’ll find world-class best practices interwoven into the scripts, modules, and templates of the platform. Leverage the deepest contact centre experience in the world.

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Work From Home
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Agents can work from the office, from home or even from a mobile device so you can make huge cost savings in terms of office space, office services and efficient workforce utilisation.

Monthly Consumption
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Mercuricall Connect has a monthly consumption model so you only pay for the agents in use in any given month. No more 3 year fixed price agent licences. You only pay for what you consume.

Full Omnichannel
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Mercuricall Connect is an omnichannel solution where all agents can work on every channel such as voice, chat, email, sms, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

Again, resource optimisation at work.

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Unbeatable Customer Experience
Low Cost of Adoption
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If you already have a legacy contact centre and want to adopt our more efficient CCaaS solution, it’s not a costly rip and replace exercise. You will immediately begin to see cost benefits and gradually replace your ageing system at a speed that suits your business.

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Self Administration

Self administer your own contact centre. Using Mercuricall's extensive, best in class administration system, your team can manage agents, queues, greetings, menus, user profiles, skills, quality management, contacts, reports, numbers, languages and so much more.

Application Integration
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Integration to your CRM systems with the use of industry standard REST API’s and our dynamic API generator we can interface into your existing applications in a very short space of time, days not weeks.

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Scalable to provide a feature rich environment from a small business of 5 agents to an Enterprise level contact centre with 50,000 agents or more and all from the same platform. Consolidate your CCaaS apps and infrastructure into 1 vendor.

Rapid Deployment
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Deploy new contact centres in minutes not months. Because it's cloud native there is zero hardware so this enables you to deploy new company or departmental contact centres literally in minutes to give your business the agility it needs.

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