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Consolidation, it makes so much sense

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Are you running multiple legacy contact centers?

Legacy Solutions

Legacy Contact Centre constraints have meant that many contact centre application suppliers (very often telcos) have had to resort to the use of multiple applications, each with its own price point and functionality. This is to address the different requirements in the contact centre market from small business to large enterprise.

Furthermore, legacy “hosted” platforms have been built using monolithic architectural styles which penalise innovation and limit modifications by requiring developers to build and deploy entirely new versions. This style of platform results in downtime, testing complexity, multiple sets of admin, multiple sets of infrastructure, multiple apps to use, learn, maintain and pay for.

Native to the Cloud Solutions

Solutions that are native to the cloud are designed and built to work in a connected, online contact centre world. They deliver more efficient and lower cost, web-centric capabilities that enable call centres to improve customer engagement and service, scalability, and endless customisation.

To win in the modern world, the best tool available is technology that is continuously updated, accessed virtually, and seamlessly interconnected. That functionality exists with cloud-native solutions.

The Next Generation Contact Centre

The Mercuricall CCaaS application is purposely built for the business while leveraging a cloud native architecture for rapid deployment of any size CCaaS requirement and a reduced burden on IT and the cost of ownership of IT.

✓ Continuously adaptive,

✓ Constant innovation and always current

✓ Feature rich beyond the competition

✓ Massive Cost savings

✓ Scale efficiently to any size

✓ Customize and deploy at the speed of business

✓ Reliable failover


The Mercuricall Group, based in Europe and the USA, operates internationally. We are a providers of Next Generation Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) software. See more Mercuricall articles on contact centre related topics by clicking here.

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