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The worlds most powerful CCaaS application

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Stand up a new Contact Center in less than 2 minutes

Native in the Cloud - Multi Tenant - Omnichannel - White Label

Mercuricall delivers the worlds premiere CCaaS solution designed for both customers and partners. The team that built the application—the lead architect, head of engineering, and chief technology officer—previously worked together on building the very first cloud-based call centre solution in the world.

In leveraging this 27 years of experience, they sought to bring new kinds of flexibility and profitability to partners and customers by offering a turnkey, agile contact centre application, easy to setup, versatile feature packaging, scalability to any size contact centre and make it available from small business to large enterprise companies.

Why Cloud?

Cloud-Native vs Legacy

In order to put some more context around this vision we need to look at the current environment of legacy solutions that have been deployed over the past 10 years.

Legacy “hosted” platforms have been built using monolithic architectures. This type of architecture penalizes innovation and limits modifications by requiring developers to build and deploy entirely new versions. This style of platform results in rigid architectures that take a long time to deploy or change.

Many of these platforms have retrofitted hardware based on legacy systems and are sold as “cloud”, but in reality, they are only an imitation and fall short. These platforms are still restricted to premise-based connections.

The Mercuricall solution is native to the cloud and is cloud agnostic, you choose where it is deployed so that it is aligned to your IT strategy and international data sovereignty requirements.

Our application is designed and built to work in a connected, online contact center world. Our solution will deliver more efficient and lower cost, web-centric capabilities that enable call centers to improve customer engagement and service, scalability, and endless customization.

Omnichannel vs Multichannel

An efficient customer interaction is essential so the Mercuricall unified agent queue creates a custom way to manage interactions simultaneously from multiple channels such as voice, email, SMS, chat and social networks which are all visible to every agent as opposed to teams of agents working on discreet channels.

•Handle various channels within one platform - email, phone, chat, voicemail, SMS, video, social

•Seamless customer conversations

•Concurrently handle interactions

•Set limits on number of concurrent interactions per channel type

•Reduce cost by having a channel mix

•Retain conversation context and view interaction history

•Increase customer satisfaction

•Open APIs to integrate additional channels

The Agent Experience

As Covid 19 has impacted businesses over the past 18 months we have seen many contact center environments cause massive additional costs because of the lack of flexibility. With Mercuricall you have the options to work from the traditional office environment or work from home, indeed, with our mobile interface you can even work on the bus on the way home. Our Agent experiences are the traditional browser- based interface which is supported on all of the main browser types.

A desktop interface that can be parked off to the side of other applications and does not get accidentally lost if an agent closes a browser tab.

And finally, there is a mobile application that is very useful for small businesses where the person manning the call center needs to be out and about.

Self Administration

Self Administrator frees you from the shackles of relying on the supplier. Our feature rich admin interface enables your admins to do the setup and configuration of the entire contact center - all through an easy to use, feature rich, self-service interface. No programming required. For example:

Stand up a departmental Contact Centers in Minutes not Months

Business agility is crucial and you may have multiple contact centers in multiple countries or geographies. Our cloud solution and self administration interface allows you stand up and stand down contact centers on a regional basis on the fly.

Also, we don’t tie you in to multi year agent licenses. You have the freedom to grow and shrink and pay for your agent footprint as the business demands.

Key Features

•Manage phone numbers

•Inbound and Outbound CNAM

•Failover phone number forwarding

•Configure Emergency Services

•Block phone numbers and email addresses

•Manage devices,

•Manage IVR greetings and menus

•Configure channel settings voice, sms, chat, email, social

•Queue management

•User management

•Add individually or in bulk

•Assign roles and profile templates


•Set Competencies

•State management

•Custom states

•Wrap-up with or without timeout

•Default state transitions

•Monitoring platform

•Troubleshooting tools

•Quick text

Reports and Dashboards

Essentially, all of the data is available so it is just a question of how you would like to view it. You can export to CSV or use the large repository of pre-built reports and dashboards that are available to the managers and admins. If that is not enough, we can always interface to your favourite reporting tools or AI via industry standard API’s.

Built-in integrations

The Mercuricall solution architecture includes a growing list of built-in integrations with popular platforms and channels, including:






•Pipkins WFM

•Loxysoft ProScheduler WFM


•Facebook Messenger

•IBM Watson

•Google OAuth

•API interfaces to multiple applications

Custom integrations

For any application beyond those whose integrations are built into Mercuricall, we, or you, can create custom integrations using REST APIs. Mercuricall provides API documentation and a programmer's guide to help you easily leverage the capabilities of other systems, either at your on premise cloud or within a specific public cloud (AWS, Google, Azure, Oracle etc. are all supported).

And finally …. we play nicely with other vendors

As we mentioned before, we have a consumption pricing model, you only pay for the number of agents that are being used on a monthly basis.

However, we are not asking you to rip and replace your exisiting investment and environment, we know that you may be tied into multi year licences for blocks of agents so we have built the application so that you can start small and gradually scale up to a full Mercuricall footprint over time.


•Best functionality in the industry

•Agile cloud native and cloud agnostic environment

•Self administration with feature rich admin menus and wizards

•Deploy a new contact centre in hours

•Work from office, home or on mobile

•Full Omnichannel for efficient customer experience

•Increase customer satisfaction and retention

•Multiple language interfaces

•Interface to any applications with industry standard API’s

•You massively decrease your costs

•Agent consumption model, grow and shrink your agent footprint


The Mercuricall Group, based in Europe and the USA and operates internationally. We are a providers of Next Generation Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) software. See more Mercuricall articles on contact centre related topics by clicking here.

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