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Omnichannel - It's in our DNA

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Full omnichannel vs Multichannel

At the heart of Mercuricall is the ability to rapidly create (about 2 minutes) a cloud-based omnichannel contact center that goes beyond inbound call management and integrates contact management across multiple modern digital channels, such as email, web chat, and SMS text messaging and social media.

Equipping a contact center with omnichannel capabilities means that callers can reach out for help where, when and how they want to, while agents and their supervisors get the flexibility and efficiency of centrally coordinating and managing those interactions. Unlike multichannel, where the different feeds aren't centrally managed, omnichannel greatly simplifies and streamlines the caller, agent, and administrator experiences.

Our solution combines the intelligent cross-channel contact routing of a modern ACD system with the full capabilities IVR technology. Additionally, Mercuricall includes Unified Communications, an outbound dialer and advanced routing capabilities in the cloud.

Beyond the built-in digital channels, you can extend Mercuricall using platform APIs to easily integrate other popular channels, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, as well as to directly interface with your customer relationship management (CRM) and other back-end systems and because the solutions scale directly from the cloud, workers can access it securely from anywhere, and administrators can scale up to manage as many greetings, queues, users, agents, and specialized use cases as their contact center requires.

Seamless voice and digital channel experiences and workflows

Unlike traditional multichannel contact centers, omnichannel technology receives and tracks all contact interactions through a single ACD inbox. This unified view provides new levels of contact center value, enabling contact centers to:

  • View contact interactions across all channels for a seamless experience

  • Increase agent productivity by enabling multiple concurrent interactions

  • Reduce expensive inbound call workloads by promoting convenient digital channels

  • Centralize cross-channel interactions so agents responses are based on the full context, accurate and more efficient

  • Improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait times, enabling self-service, and letting contacts choose their preferred communication method—all while increasing first contact resolution and reducing transfers

Unified configuration and management across channels

Our solution's omnichannel architecture enables a centralized interface that empowers agents to see everything in one place without piecing together separate tools for web chat, calls, emails, and so on. This centralized interface provides the following cross- channel configuration and management capabilities:

  • Unified history. Give agents a unified historical view of all interactions, regardless of channel, so they can seamlessly continue conversations that started with a different agent. Increase satisfaction by reducing the need for callers to repeat themselves or get transferred.

  • Central inbox. Within one interface, capture and respond to incoming messages from multiple touchpoints such as web chat, email forms on your website, messages on your Facebook account, text messages, WhatsApp, or messages from callers' email accounts.

  • Channel context. Automatically adjust the tools and content available to an agent based on the channel type they're using (for example, web chat). Help agents communicate faster and more clearly during an interaction by reducing the number of controls on their screen.

  • Concurrent sessions. Maximize agent productivity by letting them interact in multiple session on any channel simultaneously, such as web chat sessions or SMS text message sessions. For example, they can chat or text with one caller while waiting on a response from another.

For all round efficiency in terms of customer interactions, customer satisfaction, agent cross-channel efficiency, agent utilisation and overall cost efficiency it has to be an omnichannel solution.

Omnichannel - it's in our DNA and anything else just doesn’t make sense.


The Mercuricall Group, based in Europe and the USA, operates internationally. We are a providers of Next Generation Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) software. See more Mercuricall articles on contact centre related topics by clicking here.

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