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Take your agents mobile

The Agent Mobile Experience.

As Covid 19 has impacted businesses over the past 18 months we have seen many contact centre environment changes cause massive additional costs because of the lack of flexibility.

For example consider a major bank or insurance company sending thousands of agents away from their traditional office environment to go home to work without having a contact centre application with that sort of flexibility.

With Mercuricall you have the options to work from the traditional office environment or work from home, indeed, with our mobile interface you can even work on the bus on the way home.

Our Agent experiences are the traditional browser- based interface which is supported on all of the main browser types.

A desktop interface that can be parked off to the side of other applications and does not get accidentally lost if an agent closes a browser tab.

So we promptly put one together and it is proving very popular especially when there is a need to have multiple other applications running at the same time.

And finally, there is a mobile application that is very useful for small businesses where the person manning the call centre needs to be out and about.


The Mercuricall Group, based in Europe and the USA and operates internationally. We are a providers of Next Generation Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) software. See more Mercuricall articles on contact centre related topics by clicking here.

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