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CCaaS Solution

As well as delivering great solutions to our customers, we also work with partners who can see the benefits of delivering a world class, Next Generation CCaaS solution that they can "White Label" and take to the market under their own brand.

When you partner with Mercuricall we sit behind your company and deliver the tech while you promote and sell the CCaaS solution as your own solution where you design the product and you choose the price to take the product to market.

Your Brand

Stamp your brand on the platform that you sell to your customers. Change the colours and look and feel to make it your own. We will just quietly sit in the background and deliver the tech though your chosen cloud platform.

Your Products

Because we built the solution with a modular design, you can design your own products from those modules.

Create templates for voice only for the SMB or full blown omnichannel with multiple application interfaces for the global Enterprise. All this simply by selecting which modules you would like to add into your product.

You can create self provisioning products for simple customer solutions with only 5 agents all the way through to customised global solutions where they need 50,000 agents


Your Market Price

We recognise that you all operate in different markets which carry different price points so we allow you to decide the price that you set for each of the products that you design to take to market. If it is voice only, you set the price for voice only that works in your market. If it is full blown Omnichannel with CRM and Teams integrations .... you set the price.

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Deploy in Minutes

And while your competition are charging $THOUSANDS to deploy a contact centre, and taking months to do it .... you will be able to deploy world class, cloud-native, multi tenant, omnichannel operational contact centre to your customers in minutes, not months, and create an initial incredible customer engagement.
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