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Mercuricall Cloud Connect
Feature Rich and Second to None

Built by the founders of CCaaS – you’ll find world-class best practices interwoven into the scripts, modules, and templates of the platform.


Leverage the deepest contact centre experience in the world in terms of administration, design and management of both your own and your customers contact centres .

Below we have listed a few of the of the Mercuricall Connect product features with respect to the Agent experience and the extremely rich features of the self administration interface. 


It is beyond the scope of this website to show you them all so why not request a demo using the contact page.

Agent Experience

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The ability for your agents to interact seamlessly with your customers is key to customer experience and customer satisfaction. With Mcall Omnichannel every agent has the ability to use every channel for any customer interaction. When a call comes in, no matter if it is voice, chat, email, sms or social media like Whatsapp, any agent can pick up the call, will immediately see the full call history and can respond accordingly.

Desktop App
Mobile App
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Keep the app open on the desktop while accessing other apps via the browser.

Use the mobile app from wherever you are with full omnichannel agent functionality.

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Work From Anywhere

Agents can work from the office, from home or even from a mobile device so you can make huge cost savings in terms of office space, office services and efficient workforce utilisation.



Everything is built with efficiency and ease of use in mind. The partner and client system administrators work with a fully menu driven administration interface in order to manage the feature rich environment.

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Customers can self serve with a menu of prompts to route to the correct agent location, tracking a shipment, or checking an account balance. Advanced drag-n-drop or the automated wizard can help you build your customized call flow to create an efficient customer journey.

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Mercuricall's Automatic Contact Distributor (ACD) routes customer interactions from all channels—email, web chat, SMS, and more—to the right skills-based agent profile. With a broader focus on agent competency, routing customers improves over time, increasing efficiency and improving the customer experience.

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Language Support

Manage and choose from an extensive set of languages including Japanese and Arabic. Multi lingual text to speech with Google, MSFT and IBM AI. Also set languages in user profiles for multi lingual application menu options. 

Greetings and Menus
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Self service management of greetings and menus to build a rich set of client interactions in terms of language options and 7 x 24 routing of calls.

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Agent Profiles

Manage the profiles of your agents to match their skill sets and competencies on channels and languages and multiple other options.

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Quality Mgmt

Manage and monitor the performance of your agents to match their skill sets on channels and languages and multiple other options.

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Literally hundreds of prebuilt reports and dashboards are available but your administrators can build their own reports if you need something more specific.

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Customer Mgmt

Once you have sold you CCaaS solution to a customer you can also continue to manage the platform for them and upgrade them to additional modules as they purchase them.

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Customer Provisioning

Provision new contact centres in minutes and then modify and administer them to deliver a truly amazing customer delivery experience.

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When it comes to modifying the product you have full control over look and feel with our authoring toolkit that allows you to modify pretty much everything on the front end.

Solution Deployment

Because we are native to the cloud we are happy to deploy the solution wherever you need it to be.

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Cloud Agnostic

Choose to deploy you solution at any cloud service provider such as AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle or even local independent providers.

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Private Cloud

We understand that you may have data sovereignty requirements that dictate that you have to keep all customer data within your country boarders so deploying on your own private cloud is perfectly normal for us.

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If you prefer a blend of the two you can always select to store your call and video data in a public cloud while your main service resides at your own cloud.

Why not learn more by booking a demonstration with us. Just click on the button below and request a demo and we can fill in all of the blanks for you.

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