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Identity as a Service (IDaaS)

Would you like to know more about our future-proofed, quantum-ready identity service. Read on.

In recent years the phenomenon of identity theft has gained wide spread media coverage and has grown to be a concern for individuals and businesses alike. Of particular note are incidents which may occur in contact centres.

For example it is possible for a fraudster to bribe contact centre agents for customer’s personal details or even gain employment in contact centres in order to gather such information directly. These sort of incidents are largely combatted by internal policies and vetting that have to be carried out by the contact centre operator.

This was all well and good when agents were sitting in a controlled environment. However, along comes Covid 19 and everyone is suddenly working from home so many of those physical controls fly out of the window.

Additionally, there is also the very real threat of individuals trying to coerce an agent into releasing information over the phone by means of social engineering. Unfortunately, many contact centre agents are unaware of such risks and are untrained in how to deal with them.

We also have a second security threat looming on the horizon of Quantum computing which is likely to have the ability to penetrate existing encryption methodologies and lets face it, when all is said and done, identity is the keys to the castle.

So how do you mitigate these different security threats.

The transition to becoming identity secure and quantum-safe starts here, that’s why we have integrated a quantum-ready identity as a service into Mercuricall Cloud Connect to help make this journey far simpler and more effective.

At Mercuricall we now have an add on service that you can plug into the front end of all interactions so that the identity of a caller is checked even before they speak to an agent.

You have the option to have a lower (voice only) or higher (voice plus face) security check and if either of these fail, then the agent responding to the call will see the flag and can then immediately initiate further security questions/processes before proceeding any further with the interaction.

This can vastly improve the user experience as it is speedier and more efficient than the usual manual validation process.

In terms of the Quantum secure aspect, everything is ready to go and no matter which algorithms eventually form the standard developed by NIST, our crypto-agile and backward compatible service means that Mercuricall Cloud Connect can be made quantum-safe within days of the final standards being released.

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